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Welcome to Alchemy, your premier destination for bespoke corporate finance and private equity solutions in South Africa. Established in 1988 as an accounting consultancy, we’ve evolved into a diversified family of companies, each specializing in distinct financial services.

Central to our ethos is the dedication to forging enduring relationships. Through genuine partnerships with our clients, we tailor our services to their unique needs, fostering success at every turn. This commitment distinguishes us, enabling us to anticipate and adapt to both market fluctuations and the evolving requirements of our clients, thus ensuring sustained value over the long term.


A combination of chemistry, magic and philosophy culminating in the
transformation of something common into something remarkable.

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Alchemy Capital Investments

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Precision

Welcome to Alchemy Capital Investments, where growth isn’t just a goal, but a driving force. As a leading private equity firm, we specialize in seizing opportunities with agility and insight. Our versatile investment strategy, coupled with a decisive investment committee, empowers us to act swiftly and effectively, creating tangible value for both our fund and its investments.

At Alchemy, we believe in more than just capital infusion – we believe in transformation. When we invest, we roll up our sleeves and collaborate closely with management teams to fuel growth and optimize operations, ensuring that every opportunity reaches its full potential. Join us on our mission to shape the future of private equity, where every investment is an opportunity for innovation and growth.


Alchemy Management Group

Navigating Corporate Transactions with Expertise

Alchemy Management Group is your trusted partner in corporate finance and investment management. With a legacy of excellence and a wealth of business expertise, we specialize in guiding clients through complex mergers and acquisitions.

Our seasoned team handles every aspect of the process with precision, from meticulous due diligence to comprehensive business valuations. We stand by you at the negotiation table, navigating legal requirements and supporting strategic decision-making every step of the way.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. At Alchemy Management Group, we understand the power of connections. That’s why we go beyond transactions to foster a strong network of like-minded individuals and businesses, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. Join us as we unlock the potential of corporate transactions and shape the future of business.


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