Established in 1988 as an accounting consultancy, the Alchemy Group has evolved into a family of owned and associated organisations, that each focus on specific areas within the financial services industry.

At the very core of the Alchemy’s business philosophy is a commitment to relationship building. The creation of true partnerships enables us to provide personalised services that enhance our clients’ profitability. It is this commitment that positions Alchemy apart. It enables us to anticipate both the changing needs of our clients and the changes in markets, which ultimately underpins our ability to deliver long-term value.


A combination of chemistry, magic and philosophy culminating in the
transformation of something common into something remarkable.

Private Equity

Corporate Finance

Investment Management

Corporate Innovation 

ACI // Alchemy Capital Investments is a growth oriented private equity investment company. We have a flexible investment mandate and decisive investment committee which allows us to be both nimble and dynamic. Upon investment we create value by partnering with the investments’ management teams to accelerate growth and improve operational efficiency.

 ACM // Alchemy Corporate Management is a corporate finance and investment management business. We draw on our wealth of business experience to guide clients through mergers & acquisitions. We undertake due diligence exercises, business valuations and assist with the related negotiations and legal requirements. We also provide strategic business consulting when required. Our outstanding track record in a diverse set of engagements is a testament to our teams capabilities

ACM – Trx Orig // As a corporate finance and investment management business we understand the importance of a healthy network consisting of like minded individuals and businesses looking to unlock value through corporate transactions.

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